People First HR Solutions
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Building Successful Careers Is Our Passion

We focus our resources on helping people move on to their future careers. That career might be outside their most recent employer or at a higher level within their current organization. All the career coaching we do is tailored to each individual client. Each client is paired with a personal career coach who delivers the services the client needs on a "one-to-one" basis. Other firms lean toward providing sevices in group and webinar settings, sometimes with hundreds of people in the webinar. PeopleFirst HR Solutions takes the time and care to understand and advance each clients ambitions and needs.

PeopleFirst offers a comprehensive package of services, providing everything a client may need including personal career assessments. Unlike the "cafeteria" approach used elsewhere, PeopleFirst maximizes attention to each and every individual, assuring that everyone gets the services they need to be successful.

Very importantly, we promise to work with each client until they are successfully reemployed. Most firms have time limits on the length of service - such as one month, three months, or six months. Our career coaches average over ten years in career transition work, and are very connected to the SE Wisconsin job market and networks.